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EASTICA is committed to :

  • Establish, maintain, and strengthen relations between archivists of the region
  • Take measures for the preservation, protection, and defense against all hazards of the archival heritage
  • Facilitate access to and promote use of archives in the region
  • Promote, organize, and coordinate activities in the field of archives
  • Sponsor professional training of archivists in the region
  • Cooperate with other organizations or institutions concerned with the documentation of human experience and the use of that documentation for the benefit of mankind
  • Organize seminars, symposia and other meetings, on specific themes of mutual interest to members in the region


  • Constitution of EASTICA was adopted at the Inaugural Conference in Beijing on 7-10 July 1996, and as amended by;
  • The Extraordinary Session of General Conference in Suzhou, China on 22 September 1998
  • The Extraordinary Session of General Conference in Macao on 4 December 2002 and
  • The 6th General Conference in Hangzhou, China