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EASTICA Activities 2017-2022

Understanding EASTICA Purposes

  • To promote archives in East Asian region
  • To meet and communicate with archivists in the region
  • To exchange professional experiences and discoveries
  • To cooperate among archives and archivists in the region
  • To enhance professional competency and network by providing seminars and training programs(PCAS)
  • To facilitate professional exchanges among EASTICA member institutions to improve the quality of our service to the governments and the people
  • To help archives in need in the region

What EASTICA has done in the past:

  • Provided the archivists in the region with regular gatherings and opportunities for professional exchange
  • Promoted institutional exchanges among members through EASTICA network and regular meetings
  • Publicized EASTICA professional activities in the world
  • Provided highly-reputed archival training programs(PCAS) to the future-archivists and non-archivist information managers in the region
  • Provided the regional archivists with new knowledge and information about archival practices and challenges
  • Made us acknowledged in the government and in the professional societies

What EASTICA is doing now:

  • Provides archivists in the region with annual seminars and general conferences
  • Provides archivists in the region with professional knowledge through seminars and training
  • Provides archivists in the region with opportunities to meet together and exchange experiences
  • Provides archivists in the region with a professional network, which encourages them to become good friends and trustworthy colleagues despite differences in nationality and archives culture
  • Builds trust and solidarity among colleagues who are willing to cooperate with other colleagues

What will EASTICA do in the future:

  • Will provides archivists in the region with annual seminars, general conferences, training programs through which advanced professional knowledge and experiences of workable practice are developed and shared.
  • Will provide archivists in the region with opportunities to meet together and exchange experiences which will help them to meet their own problems and challenges
  • Provides archivists in the region with an enhanced professional network, which allow them to actively engage in regional archival affairs and to create practical solutions for the challenges (how?)
  • Will make an effort to obtain trust and solidarity from regional archivists who are not yet EASTICA members and will expand EASTICA activities in the region

What have been discussed at the Executive Board meetings?

  • Discussed and determined future meetings and programs (All minutes of EB meetings will be uploaded at EASTICA website)
  • Monitored and evaluated our professional meetings and training programs (Reporting of EASTICA activities by the Secretary General, PCAS training programs by Special Advisors). Some recommendation is made.
  • Monitored and approved the financial operation of EASTICA (Report of Treasurer)
  • Major Issues Discussed: EASTICA website. Proceedings of past seminars. Honorary members to be awarded. New membership applications. New EASTICA activities. EASTICA representation in ICA annual conferences and PCOM meetings.