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EASTICA is composed of the General Conference, the Executive Board, and the Secretariat.
The Execuitve Board may establish professional committees as required by the programs of EASTICA.


General Conference

  • The General Conference shall determine the policies and activities of EASTICA. It shall take decisions on program submitted to it by the Executive Board
  • The General Conference shall receive and consider the reports submitted periodically be members as requested by the Executive Board.
  • Any member has the right to submit proposals to the General Conference through the Executive Board.
  • The General Conference shall elect members of the Executive Board and on the recommendation of the Board, shall appoint the Chairman.

Executive Board

  • The Executive Board shall prepare the agenda for the General Conference and shall recommend the work program and corresponding budget estimates.
  • The Executive Board shall be responsible for carrying out the program adopted by the General Conference.
  • The Executive Board shall approve the admission of new members to EASTICA.
  • Subject to decisions of the General Conference, the Executive Board shall adopt own rules of procedures and shall have the power to make rules and regulations governing the procedures for the conduct of the General Conference.
  • The Executive Board shall meet in regular session at least once a year and may meet in special session if called by the Chairman on his own initiative or upon the request of the majority members of the Executive Board.
  • The Executive Board shall send a report on its activities since the last General Assembly of the International Council on Archives to reach the Secretary General of the International Council on Archives three months before the date fixed for the next General Assembly.
  • Members of the Executive Board shall exercise the powers delegated to them by the General Conference on behalf of EASTICA as a whole.


  • The Secretariat shall consist of such as may be required. Its location shall be decided by the General Conference.
  • The Secretary General shall act as the executive head of the Secretariat and shall be responsible to the Chairman and the Executive Board.
  • The Secretariat shall administer and be the custodian of all the properties of EASTICA


Chairman Wang Shao Zhong, National Archives Administration of China
Vice Chairman Ha Byoung Pil, National Archives of Korea
Secretary General Lee Sangmin
Treasurer Lim Sinyoung, National Archives of Korea
Board Members Kamata Kaoru, National Archives of Japan,
Maria Fatima Lau, Archives of Macao,
Enkhbaatar Samdan, General Authority for Archives, Implementing Agency of the Government of Mongolia,
Ruby Luk Yhk-Shan, Hong Kong Government Records Service.