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The 16th General Conference of EASTICA Resolutions
The 16th General Conference of EASTICA Resolutions
Writer Secretary General Date 2023/12/14 View 77
The 16th General Conference of EASTICA
Shenzhen, China
29th November 2023


1. EASTICA wishes to express its gratitude for the support and cooperation from all members in carrying out its program of activities in the past two years since our last Conference in 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the last 15th General Conference was held online and we have not met together for three years. EASTICA celebrates resumption of our intact conference in Shenzhen, China.   
2. During the 16th General Conference, EASTICA has elected a new management team for a 4-year term, from 2023 to 2026, with immediate effect as follows:

Chairman: Mr. HA Byoung-Pil (President, the National Archives of Korea)
Vice-Chairman: Mr.KAMATA Kaoru (President, the National Archives of Japan)

Executive Board Members:
(i) Mr. WANG Shaozhong (President, the National Archives Administration of China)
(iiMr. Enkhabaatar SAMDAN  (Director General, the General Archival Authority of Mongolia)
(iii) Ms. LUK Yuk Shan (Director, the Government Records Service, Hong Kong SAR Government, China) 
(iv) Mr. LOU Hong Wai (Director General, Archives of Macao, Macao SAR Government, China)
(v)   2 Representatives from Category B Members of China and Hong Kong
3. EASTICA has resolved to continue to support its two prestige archival training programs in cooperation with Hong Kong University to promote professional excellence among its members; PCAS (Postgraduate Certificate in Archival Studies) and PDAS (Postgraduate Diploma in Archival Studies). EASTICA supports the PCAS program which will be resumed in January 2024 after 4 years of suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic. EASTICA also supports the PDAS program which provides an advanced and full-fledged professional course of studies for the prospective archivists in the region.
4. EASTICA has decided to arrange for its annual seminar to be held in Tokyo, Japan in 2024. EASTICA will continue to support archivists in the East Asian region to meet at annual gatherings and exchange their professional expertise to advance their professional service to the public.
5. EASTICA is pleased to accept the following institution as its new Category C member:
i)The School of Information Management, Sun Yat-sen University, China
6. EASTICA wishes to thank Mr. Adrian Cunningham and Dr. Laura Millar for sharing their insights on the challenges posed by omnipresence of shapeless mass of digital records and social and cultural changes caused by digital technologies. We also thank them for presenting their solutions to these challenges by encouraging our trustworthy efforts to create and preserve evidence for society. EASTICA wishes to continue its commitment to upholding professionalism and archival ethics in archival institutions and to promoting the archival awareness by the government leaders for the public interest.
7. EASTICA wishes to convey its great appreciation to the National Archives Administration of China and Shenzhen Municipal Archives for making the 16th General Conference of EASTICA a notable success and a memorable occasion for all participants. EASTICA also wishes to thank to the Government of Shenzhen for its support and hospitality. Especially, EASTICA appreciates very much to Mr. Wang Shaozhong, the president of the National Archives Administration of China and Mr. Lin Yang, the director of Shenzhen Municipal Archives, and their hospitable and competent staff.



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