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[The 15th General Conference]
[The 15th General Conference]
Writer Secretary General Posted 2023/01/03 View 224
Host Republic of Korea Date
The 2021 EASTICA General Conference was held in Daejeon, Korea on November 22, 2021.
The General Conference was the first online conference EASTICA held. 

As the Geenral Conference was held online, mainly the EB members, keynote speakers and the presenters of the country reports attended the online General Conference.  

Particpants include: 
Mr. WANG Shaozhong (Representative of Charmain on Behalf of Mr. Lu Guoqiang, President, the National Archives Administration of China)

Dr. Sangmin LEE (Secretary-General)
Dr. Jaehee CHOI (Treasurer; President, the National Archives of Korea)
Mr. KAMATA Kaoru (President, National Archives of Japan)
Ms. LAU, Fong (Director General, Archives of Macao, Macao SAR Government China)
Ms. LUK, Ruby Yuk-shan (Director, GRS, Hong Kong SAR Government China)
Mr. Enkhbaatar SAMDAN (Director General, GAAM, Mongolia)
Pr. OH Hangnyong (Representative of Korean B Category Members)

The Proceedings of the 15th General Conference will be uploaded soon.

The Resolution of the 15th General Conference shows the contents of the General Conference. 

15th General Conference of EASTICA

Daejeon, Korea
23 November 2021

  1. EASTICA wishes to express its gratitude for the support and cooperation from all members to sustain EASTICA activities including organization of 2021 15th General Conference and 32nd Executive Board Meeting during this hard times of global COVID-19 Pandemic.
  1. During the 15th General Conference held online, EASTICA has elected the new Secretary General and Treasurer for a 4-year term, from 2022 to 2025, with immediate effect as follows:

         Secretary General: Mr. LEE Sangmin (Republic of Korea)
        Treasurer:  Ms. LIM Sinyoung (National Archives of Korea)
  1. EASTICA wishes to express its great gratitude to Mr. KATO Takeo for his excellence service to EASTICA as the Chairman of EASTICA. EASTICA wishes to express its gratitude to Dr. CHOI Jaehee of National Archives of Korea for his excellent service to EASTICA as the Treasurer of EASTICA from 2016 to 2021. EASTICA also express its great gratitude to Mr. LI Mingwha for his strong support and cooperation for EASTICA activities.
  1. The Postgraduate Diploma Program in Archival Studies (PDAS) was held in Hong Kong in 2020, and 2021 PDAS program is in the process of being provided. EATICA appreciates to Mr. Simon Chu for his hard work to organize the program working with Hong Kong University
  1. EASTICA is pleased to accept the following institutions as its new Category C members:
  1. (Category C) UNESCO International Center for Documentary Heritage (Republic of Korea)
  2. (Category C) Henan Provincial Archives (People’s Republic of China)
  1. Despite the hardship caused by the pandemic, EASTICA will continue its commitment to upholding professionalism in archival institutions, to promoting the dissemination of archival knowledge and culture, and to meeting the challenges posed by global pandemic crisis and climate change, emerging technologies, and the changing political and economic environment. To do this, EASTICA will enhance the contents of EASTICA website and enable maximum use of the professional contents for the members.
  1. EASTICA wishes to express its gratitude to Mr. John Sheridan, Ms. KWAG Jeong, and Pr. ZHANG Meifang for their presentations of professional expertise to the General Conference, and to Pr. KIM Hyoungjin and Ms. LIU Wai Sum Angela for their comments on the presentations. EASTICA also wishes to express its great gratitude to the professional staff of member archives for their presentations of country reports at the 15th General Conference making exchange of our unique experience available.  
  1. EASTICA continues to support professional cooperation and communication among its members and with other archival communities around the world.
  1. EASTICA wishes to convey its great appreciation to the National Archives of Korea and NAK staff for organizing the 15th General Conference of EASTICA under the heavy pressure of the global pandemic crisis, and making the general conference quite a memorable occasion for all participants as a first major online meeting of EASTICA.
  1. EASTICA will hold Annual Seminar in 2022. However, due to uncertain prospect for the Covid-19 pandemic situation, EASTICA will observe the development of the situation until March 2022 when the Executive Board members discuss where and how we hold the 2022 Annual Seminar.

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