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Postgraduate Certificate in Archival Studies (PCAS)

A Professional Development Joint Venture by EASTICA & the University of Hong Kong Report by Mr. Simon Chu Special Advisor, EASTICA



Arising from a survey conducted in March 1998 by a working group within EASTICA, it was recognized that formal training in modern archival administration was not available in most Asian countries.


It was found that most Asian archives are lagging behind in concepts, theories, methods and skills in managing archives and records in the modern world.


  • EASTICA decided to organize a non-profit making, practical and custom-made training program leading to academically recognized qualifications.
  • The course aims to :
    • Strengthen professional identity and status.
    • Enhance professional knowledge and skills of in-service Asian Archivists.


The program is jointly organized by : EASTICA and the School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPACE) of the University of Hong Kong.

Target Participants

  • The program is custom-made for archivists and those engaged in records management related functions who wish to :
    • Update professional knowledge and skills;
    • Widen international exposure; and
    • Obtain academic qualifications.

Program Content

  • It is a three-week intensive program comprising not less than 100 hours of lecturing, seminars and visits.
  • Students will be introduced to : The most updated theories, practices and development in archival administration, including
    • Theories and practices in records appraisal, arrangement and description;
    • Access and use of archives and its social and cultural significance;
    • Key records management concepts and practices; and
    • Management of paper and digital records throughout their life-cycle.

Admission Requirement

  • Hold at least a bachelor’s degree, and preferably employed by an archival institution; or
  • Have Archives or records experience.


  • The certificate will be awarded to candidates who have completed the following requirements:
    • Achieve at least 80% attendance;
    • Achieve a pass in class exercises and assignments; and
    • Achieve a pass in a written report to be submitted within ONE month after the end of lectures.

Teaching Staff

  • Lectures are conducted by leading archival specialists and academics world over. All lecturers are experts in the subject they teach.
  • These are our guest lecturers:
    • Dr Trudy PETERSON (NARA USA)
    • Dr Peter HORSMAN (Amsterdam University)
    • Dr Wendy DUFF (U of Toronto, Canada)
    • Dr Corinne ROGERS (UBC Canada)
    • Dr Heather MacNEIL (U of Toronto, Canada)
    • Dr LEE Sangmin (Korea)
    • Mr PITT Kuan Wah (Singapore National Archives)
    • Mr Steve Stuckey (Australian National Archives)
    • Ms Sarah C.C. CHOY (Hong Kong)
    • Mr Simon F.K.CHU (Hong Kong University)

Language Requirements

  • The language of instruction will be English.
  • All students are expected to have basic proficiency in written and spoken English.
  • An orientation course on records and archives terminology in English is offered at the beginning of the program.


  • We would assist students in accommodation arrangements during their stay in Hong Kong on request.
  • University hostels, guest houses or hotels will be suggested at a reasonable rate.

Characteristics of the Program

  • The mode of operation is unique and a pioneering effort not duplicated elsewhere.
  • It is an intensive program put together through voluntary efforts of world leading professionals and academics in specialized areas.
  • Students from different countries learn through face-to face teaching and interaction.
  • Recognized academic qualifications are awarded within a short time.


  • Since its inception in 2003, the program has been organized and offered annually in Hong Kong.
  • The program has become an established accredited course in the curriculum of the College of Life and Technology of the Hong Kong University.
  • The program provides an important venue where:
    • Ideas and practical experiences in archives and records professionals are exchanged and shared;
    • Professional identity is fostered; and
    • Networking developed and enhanced.
  • During its 15 years of operation, over three hundred young professionals in archives and libraries coming from Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, China, Butan, Fiji, Singapore, the Philippines, Macao and Hong Kong had been given this unique experience in archival education.
  • The program now serves as an inspiring supplement, not as a substitute of course, to the training and education programs being carried out in house by individual archival institutions in our region.

Student Feedback

  • Most students find the program “stimulating”, “eye-opening”, “effective” and “enjoyable”.
  • They particularly value the exposure and professional exchange.
  • They also find the professional contact very useful.
  • Almost all students said they would recommend the program to their colleagues and friends.

Way Forward

Postgraduate Diploma in Archival Studies (PDAS) – Launched in 2023

Postgraduate Certificate in Archival Studies(PCAS) - Not yet offered in 2023

We look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong either as our guest lecturers or students.

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