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The 22nd Executive Board Meeting
The 22nd Executive Board Meeting
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Host Japan Date 2011-11-15
22nd Executive Board Meeting

Date:  15 November 2011
Venue:  Grand Arc Hanzomon, Hikari Room, Tokyo, Japan

Mr. Masaya TAKAYMA (Chairman)
Mr. YANG Jibo (for Mr. YANG Dongquan, Vice Chairman)
Mr CHU, Simon F.K. (Secretary-General)
Dr LEE Sangmin (Treasurer)

Board Members:
Ms LAU Fong (Macao SAR of China)
Mr. SONG Gwi Geun (Korea)
Dr Ulziibaatar DEMBEREL(Mongolia)

In Attendance:
LEE Joohyun (Korea)
KIM Hyomg (Korea)
WANG Honming (China)
LI Wendong (China)
Yumiko OHARA (Japan)
ZOLBOO Dashnyam (Mongolia)
CHEUNG Veronica (Macao SAR China)

Minutes of Meeting

Vote of Welcome and Assessment of Quorum
  1. 1. The meeting started with a warm welcome from Mr. TAKAYAMA, host of the seminar, who also expressed his deepest gratitude to members for their support of Japan and of the event by coming over to Tokyo; especially when Japan was still recovering from the recent heartbreaking natural calamities. Mr TAKAYAM “promised” us a fine weather and assured us of the safety of being in Tokyo. The Chair then asked Mr Simon CHU, Secretary General, to preside over the meeting on his behalf.

Adoption of Agenda

2.   The agenda was adopted with some suggested changes and some items added

Confirmation of the Minutes of Last Meeting

3. The draft minutes of the 21st Executive Board Meeting held in Seoul Korea in May 2010 had been distributed to Members for comments through e-mail before the Meeting.  The minutes were confirmed with amendments.

Publicity Activities

4.  East Asian Archives No. 17 (proceedings of the Seoul seminar of May 2010) was published and released by colleagues of the National Archives of Korea. The Board expressed its gratitude to NAK for their time and effort.

5. The need to continue publishing the official journal in paper format was discussed and members agreed that the tradition be maintained.

6. SG reported the project to revamp EASTICA’s web which was recently completed. Members were asked to visit the web and offer comment for its further development. Cost for improving the web was at HK$ 5,000 (US$ 650)

Programs and Projects

Postgraduate Certificate in Archival Studies

7. SG reported on the Postgraduate Certificate in Archival Studies (PCAS) which was jointly organized with Hong Kong University in May/June 2011 in Hong Kong. The program was successfully completed with participants from Malaysia, Philippines, Canada, Korea, China, Macao and Hong Kong. Participants are mostly serving archivists from national and regional archives in the region.

8. Encouraged by the success, Board decided that the program would continue to run at least for the near future. The next PCAS program would be launched in the second half of 2012.

Events in 2012 and 2013

9. Date of the 2012 seminar was discussed and it was decided that the seminar be held in July. Mongolian would be the host for the event which would be held in Ulaanbaartar. The Board thanked Mongolia for its generosity. SG would discuss with Mongolia about the theme.

10. As regards the 11th General Conference in 2013, China generously offered her support to organize the event in China. Exact venue and date, however, have yet to be decided.
Membership Development

11. Application for EASTICA membership from Dailian City Archives, China (Category C) and the Society of Korean Records Managers and Archivists (Category B) were considered and accepted.

Financial Report and Budget

12. Financial report for the year of 2011 was submitted and endorsed. 

13. Mr. Simon CHU offered to return his reimbursement for the CITRA trip to EASTICA and proposed to have it deposited in the independent account of the PCAS in order to fund the program. The Board thanked Mr CHU for his support.

14. SG asked if it was still EASTICA’s policy to support financially SG’s annual trip to CITRA (now changed its name). SG suggested that it was best to leave the matter to the Chairman to decide each year on its own merits. It was suggested that if the Chair deemed it necessary to require SG’s assistance and attendance in ICA annual forum, EASTICA would then sponsor the trip having regard, however, to the current financial situation of EASTICA. The Board agreed.

Management Team for 2011 – 2015

15.  The following names and positions were nominated for election and/or appointment by the 10th General Conference:
  1. Mr. SONG Gwi Geun (Korea) for Chair
  2. Mr YANG Dongquan (China) for Vice-Chair
  3. Mr Simon CHU  (Hong Kong SAR China) for Secretary General
  4. Dr LEE Sangmin (Korea)  for Treasure
  5. Mr. Masaya TAKAYMA (Japan) for Board Member
  6. Dr Ulziibaatar DEMBEREL(Mongolia) for Board Member
  7. Ms LAU Fong (Macao SAR of China) for Board members


Representative from Category B Members in Executive Board

16.  In order to render the EASTICA Board a wider representation, Dr. LEE suggested and members supported that ONE more member be added to the Executive Board. It was suggested and decided that the additional office be held by a Category B Member so nominated from each country and territory for a term of not more than 2 years. Each country/territory would take turn to nominate its candidate to the position. The order was decided as follows:
  1. China
  2. Hong Kong SAR
  3. Japan
  4. Korea
  5. Macao SAR
  6. Mongolia

Rules of Procedure

17. SG suggested that some written rules were required to govern business process of the Executive Board. In this connection SG had drawn up a draft “Rules of Procedure” for members’ consideration and approval. The draft “Rules” would be tabled again for final endorsement in the next Board meeting.

18. Resolutions for the 10th General Conference were discussed and agreed on.

19. There being no other business, the meeting adjourned at 5:15 pm
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