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The 23rd Executive Board Meeting
The 23rd Executive Board Meeting
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Host Mongolia Date 2012-07-17
23rd Executive Board Meeting

Date:  17 July 2012
Venue:  Kempinski Hotel Ulan Bator, Mongolia

Mr. SONG Gwi Geun (Chairman)
Mr. YANG Jibo (for Mr. YANG Dongquan, Vice Chairman)
Mr CHU, Simon F.K. (Secretary-General)
Dr LEE Sangmin (Treasurer)

Board Members:
Dr Ulziibaatar DEMBEREL (Mongolia)
Mr. Toshio OGO (for Mr. Masaya TAKAYAMA, Japan)
Ms DU Mei (Category B Representative)
Ms LAU Fong (Macao SAR, China) (Absent with Apology)

In Attendance:
Ms LEE Joohyun (Korea)
Mr. SEO Jungho (Korea)
Ms LI Wendong (China)
Ms Yuki OTA (Japan)
Mr Takehiko OSAWA (Japan)
Mr ZOLBOO Dashnyam (Mongolia)
Ms BYAMBADARIA Jambaldorj (Mongolia)

Minutes of Meeting

Vote of Welcome and Assessment of Quorum
  1. 1. Dr Ulziibaatar DEMBEREL, host of the seminar, opened the meeting with a warm welcome and thanked members to take the effort to come to Mongolia. He wished that everyone would have a pleasant stay in Ulan Bator.
2. Chairman Mr SONG spoke next; he said he was pleased to become the Chairman and have the opportunity to serve the archival community in East Asia. He pledged to lead EASTICA to more success. Mr SONG then asked Mr Simon CHU, SG, to preside over the meeting on his behalf.
Adoption of Agenda

3. The Chair suggested to add the following items to AOB, i) Sponsorship for Treasurer and SG to attend future EASTICA annual events; ii) Call for Support from members or EASTICA programs and iii)  Call for Support for Korean’s 2016 ICA Congress.

The agenda was subsequently adopted.

Confirmation of the Minutes of Last Meeting

5. The draft minutes of the 22nd Executive Board Meeting held in Tokyo Japan had been distributed to Members for comments through e-mail before the Meeting. The minutes were confirmed with amendments.

Publicity Activities

6. East Asian Archives No. 18 (proceedings of the Tokyo Conference and  seminar was published and released by colleagues of the National Archives of Japan. A soft copy will also be uploaded on the EASTICA web. The Board expressed its gratitude to NAJ for their time and effort.

7.  SG reported the project to revamp EASTICA’s web which was  completed and asked members to visit the web and offer comment for its further development.

8. SG further reminded members that since he and his staff had been administering the web for decades and since he was now no longer supported by his staff (technically and administratively, as he was no longer Director General of the HK Government Records Services), he suggested that it was time other members should take up the responsibility.

9. After some deliberation, the general consensus was that SG, with his special role in EASTICA, should continue administering the web on behalf of EASTICA. However, it was suggested and agreed that SG could hire a part-time help to assist him manning the web. SG would follow it up by ascertaining the cost for such works.

10. It was at this juncture when the Chair stressed the need for expanding EASTICA’s membership so as to increase its revenue.     

Programs and Projects

Postgraduate Certificate in Archival Studies

11. SG reported that the Postgraduate Certificate in Archival Studies (PCAS) would be launched again in October this year in Hong Kong and urged members to continue supporting the program. Leaflet and registration materials were tabled for members’ information.

General Conference in 2013

12. Venue and date of the 2013 General Conference were discussed and it was decided that the conference would be hosted by China and held in late August or early September in Zhendu (成都), capital city of Sezhuan (四川) Province of China. It was also decided that a post-conference tour would be organized in Jiuchaigou (九寨溝), one of the world’s most scenic and enchanting natural heritage park.  The Board thanked China for her generosity. SG would discuss with China about the theme.

13.  As regards the 2014 seminar, nothing concrete has been decided yet.

Membership Development

11.  Application for EASTICA membership from the State Archives of Selenge Province (Mongolian, Category C) and the Shangdong Provincial Archives (China category c) were considered and accepted.

Financial Report and Budget

12. Financial report for the year of 2012 was submitted and endorsed.

13. Funding support from ICA was discussed. It was decided that the Treasurer would prepare a paper alerting members to the various project funds offered by ICA.

14. It was also decided that funding support from ICA should be applied for hiring interpreters (who were instrumental in facilitating communication and interaction) in all future EASTICA annual seminars and conference.

Executive Board – Rules of Procedure 

15. SG suggested that some written rules were required to govern business process of the Executive Board. In this connection SG had drawn up a draft “Rules of Procedure” for members’ consideration. The draft “Rules” was tabled for discussion and was endorsed by the Board.

Representative from Category B Members in Executive Board

16.  In order to render the EASTICA Board a wider representation, Dr. LEE last year suggested and members supported that ONE more member be added to the Executive Board from Cat B members.  Acting upon this decision, Ms DU Mei of the National Archivist Society of China was appointed as a new Board member for 2 years (2012 – 2014).

17.  SG further suggested that ONE more member should be invited , making a total of TWO members from Category B.  The Board accepted the proposal. According to arrangements decided in the last Board meeting, each country/territory would take turn to nominate its candidate to the position. The order was decided as follows:
  1. China
  2. Hong Kong SAR
  3. Japan
  4. Korea
  5. Macao SAR
  6. Mongolia

18.  As Mr CHU is the representative of Category B members in Hong Kong, and since he is already on the Board, he suggested that the seat should then go to Japan. It was decided that Japan would nominate its Category B representative to sit on the Board for the year 2013 – 2015.

19.  The Chair suggested and all Board members agreed to sponsor financially the Treasurer and SG to attend all future EASTICA’s annual events and programs provided that the two officers were not already paid by their own governments, employers or institutions to which they belonged. The sponsorship would include basically airfares or other travelling expenses and accommodation cost. SG thanked the Chair and the Board for this generous and considerate measure.

20.  The Chair also took the opportunity to appeal to members to more proactively support EASTICA’s activities. He proposed to start a campaign to expand its membership. He particularly mention about the PCAS program in Hong Kong and urged members to give it their fullest support.

21.  The Chair also asked members to support NAK’s campaign in Brisbane to promote the 2016 ICA Congress to be held in Korea.

22.  There being no other business, the meeting adjourned.
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