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The 24th Executive Board Meeting
The 24th Executive Board Meeting
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Host Australia Date 2012-08-21
24th Executive Board Meeting

Date:  21 August 2012
Venue:Brisbane, Australia

Mr. SONG Gwi Geun (Chairman)
Mr. YANG Dongquan (Vice Chair
Mr CHU, Simon F.K. (Secretary-General)
Dr LEE Sangmin (Treasurer)

Board Members:
Mr. Masaya TAKAYAMA, Japan)
Ms DU Mei (Category B Representative)
Ms LAU Fong (Macao SAR, China) (Absent with Apology)

In Attendance:
Ms LEE Joohyun (Korea)
Mr. SEO Jungho (Korea)
Ms LI Wendong (China)
Yumiko OHARA (Japan)
Takako NAKAYAMA (Japan)
Veronica CHEUNG (Macao)

Minutes of Meeting

Assessment of Quorum
  1. 1. Quorum confirmed

Opening Remarks by Chairman
  1. 2. Mr. SONG thanked members for their participation and stated that this meeting was called to finish discussing some of the unfinished business since EASTICA last met in Ulan Bator. The Chair then asked SG to preside over the meeting on his behalf.
Adoption of Agenda

3. The agenda was adopted.

Confirmation of the Minutes of Last Meeting
  1. 4. The draft minutes of the 23rd Executive Board Meeting held in Ulan   Bator had been distributed to Members for comments through e-mail before the Meeting. The minutes were confirmed with the following amendments:

4.1 It was suggested by China to replace the words “ post-conference tour” in    para. 12, with just a tour, making the tour appear to be part of the conference and not something extra.

4.2 Para. 21, the year “2013 – 2015” should read “2013 – 2014”

Matters Arising
  1. 5. SG reported that EASTICA’s archival program jointly organized with Hong Kong University SPACE would be launched again in October 2012 and urged members to support this educational venture of EASTICA.

5.1 China made it clear that members would cover their own expenses for the   the tour to Jiuchaigou, but the host would arrange and provide a one-day cultural tour for participants for free.

5.2 Dr. LI related opinion of the Korean colleagues suggesting that in the future a more Program Committee should be set up to plan and organize the intellectual contents of EASTICA’s seminars. It was also suggested that more experts from the region should be invited to speak in seminars.

5.3 The Board did not seem to favour the Program Committee idea , China was of the opinion that idea of the host of the seminar should be respected.
5.4 It was discussed and agreed that the Treasurer should apply funds from ICA to have important ICA standards translated into the 4 major languages of EASTICA: Korean, Japanese, Mongolian and Chines.


6. The Chair asked again members to support NAK’s campaign in Brisbane to promote the 2016 ICA Congress to be held in Korea.

There being no other business, the meeting adjourned.
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