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The 25th Executive Board Meeting
The 25th Executive Board Meeting
Writer Operator Posted 2020/05/27 View 817
Host China Date 2013-10-15
25th Executive Board Meeting (15 October 2013 )
Chengdu Sichuan CHINA

Mr. BAHK Gyurng Goog (Chairman, Absent with Apology)
Mr. YANG Jibo (for Mr. YANG Dongquan, Vice Chairman)
Mr CHU, Simon F.K. (Secretary-General)
Dr LEE Sangmin (Treasurer)

Board Members:
Dr Saruul Ishjamts (Mongolia, succeeding Dr Ulziibaatar Demberel)
Mr. Takeo KATO (succeeding Mr. Masaya TAKAYAMA, Japan)
Ms LAU, Maria (Macao SAR, China, on behalf of Ms LAU Fong)
Ms WANG Hongmin (Category B Representative, succeeding Ms DU Mei)

In Attendance:
Kim Jason (Korea)
WU Hongda (China)
LIU Shuang Cheng (China)
LI Wendong (China)
Yuki OTA (Japan)
Yukio HAMADA (Japan)
Yoshiyuki KAZAMA (Japan)
Erdenebadrakh Battsereg (Mongolia)
RYU Chol Hwan (DPR Korea)
CHAE Pyong Uk (DPR Korea)

  1. 1. Vote of Welcome and Assessment of Quorum
    1. 1.1 Welcome Speech by host of the Meeting
Quorum was confirmed. Mr YANG Dongquan of SAA of China expressed warm welcome to Board members to Chengdu and wished everyone a pleasant stay and a successful and fruitful conference.
    1. 1.2 Opening Remarks by Chairman of EASTICA
(The Chairman was not able to preside at the meeting for the moment but would be arriving on time for the Opening Ceremony. SG was to preside the meeting on his behalf).
  1. 2. Adoption of Agenda
The agenda was adopted with 2 more items added to AOB (see minutes below)
  1. 3. Confirmation of the Minutes of Meeting of the 24th Executive Board Meeting held in Brisbane
The minutes was confirmed with the following amendments:
  1. Dr LEE advised that his family name was LEE, not Li (para. 5.2)
  2. Mr. YANG suggested that para. 4.1 be deleted.
  1. 4. Publicity Activities
    1. East Asian Archives No. 19 (Mongolia reports)
The proceedings of the Ulan Bator seminar of 2012 had been prepared and published by the Mongolian National Archives. 60 hard copies were to be distributed to participants of the Conference with priority given to delegates from institutions. The Board thanked colleagues of the Mongolian National Archives for their effort.
    1. EASTICA web (SG reports)
SG requested that it was time the responsibility for the management of the EASTICA web be taken over by other members as Hong Kong had been administering the web for over a decade. Korea reacted promptly and agreed to take over. SG would follow the matter up with Korea.
  1. 5. Programs and Projects
    1. 2012 Postgraduate Certificate Program in Hong Kong (PCAS)
SG reported that the 2012 PCAS program had been held from October 8 to 27 in Hong Kong. Archival experts such as Trudy Peterson (US), Peter Horsman (the Netherlands), LEE Sangmin (Korea), PITT Kuan Wah (Singapore), Simon CHU and Sarah CHOY (Hong Kong) were invited to give lectures and conduct seminars. 11 full-time and 4 part-time enrolled in the program, most of them were serving archivists or librarians from Hong Kong, Macao, China and Korea. Financial statement of the program was also tabled for member’s information.

5.2   SG explained the technical (and perhaps legal as well) difficulty of holding on to a separate EASTICA bank account dealing with financial transaction arising from operating the PCAS program in Hong Kong. SG suggested that the account be closed and all future financial transaction be handled by the Hong Kong Archives Society on behalf of EASTICA. All members present agreed to the practice and SG would follow this up with the Hong Kong Archives Society.  
    1. SG further reported that the next PCAS would be launched in January 2014 and asked for support from members.

5.4 2014 Seminar
It has been decided that EASTICA annual seminar for 2014 would be held in Ulan Bator. The Board thanked Mongolia for its support.

5.5 2015 General Conference in Japan
It has also been decided that Japan would host the 12th General Conference of EASTICA in 2015. Venue has not been decided but would not be in Tokyo. The Board expressed its appreciation for Japan’s support.
  1. 6. Membership Development
No new application was received for this year.
  1. 7. Financial Report and Budget
The Treasurer Report was delivered and tabled for members’ information and endorsement by the Treasurer. The report was endorsed by all members present. The Board thanked the Treasurer for his hard work.
  1. 8. Executive Board – Rules of Procedure (Revisit)
As there were a few new members joining the Board, SG considered it appropriate to explain the Rules again to members, noting that it was one of the two important document of EASTICA; the other being the Constitution.
  1. 9. AOB
  1. Shanghai publishing request
A joint publication project on archival practices was put forth by a Shanghai District Archives Society. Members were all agreed that it was a worthwhile enterprise and SAAC agreed to follow up with Shanghai and find out more of this joint-venture.
  1. Resolution
SG agreed to provide a draft resolution for members’ consideration. The final version would be delivered in the 11th General Conference.
  1. 11th General Conference program review
The program was reviewed and fine tuned.

   There being no other business, the meeting adjourned at around 12:30.
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