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The 27th Executive Board Meeting
The 27th Executive Board Meeting
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Host Japan Date 2015-10-13
27th Executive Board Meeting (DRAFT)

Date: 13 October 2015
Venue: Fukuoka Japan

PARK Dong Hoon (Chairman)
WANG Liangcheng (on behalf of YANG Dongquan ,Vice Chairman)
CHU, Simon F.K. (Secretary-General)
LEE Sangmin (Treasurer)

Board Members:
Takeo KATO (Japan)
CHOI Jae Hee (Korea, Category B Representative)
LAU Fong (Macao)
KAZUNORI Ishihara (President, Japan Society for Archival Science, Category B Representative)

In Attendance:
SAITO Atsushi (Senior Vice-President, NAJ)
OHARA Yumiko (NAJ)
Veronica CHEUNG (Macao)
YIM Choonsoo (NAK)
Mr. SEO Jungho (NAK)
LI Wendong (SAAChina)

Minutes of Meeting

1. Vote of Welcome and Assessment of Quorum

1.1 After quorum has been confirmed, Mr Katoh, host of the 12th General Conference, opened the meeting of the 27th Executive Board with a warm welcome and thanked members for coming to Fukuoka for this annual event of EASTICA. He wished that everyone would have a pleasant stay in Fukuoka.

1.2 Chairman Mr. PARK spoke next; he was pleased with the progress of works in EASTICA, especially the educational program which EASTICA has jointly organized with Hong Kong University. He then commented that EASTICA needed more new blood to further the cause of archival business in the region. Mr. PARK also sought members’ support to participate in the coming ICA Congress to be held in Seoul in September. As a convention, the Chairman asked SG to preside over the meeting on his behalf.

2. Adoption of Agenda
2.1 Agenda adopted without amendment

3 Confirmation of the Minutes of Last Meeting
3.1 The draft minutes of the 26th Executive Board Meeting held in Beijing had been distributed to Members for comments through e-mail before the Meeting. The minutes were confirmed with amendments.

4. Publicity Activities

4.1 East Asian Archives No. 21 (proceedings of the Beijing seminar) was published and released by colleagues of the SAAC. A soft copy will also be uploaded on the EASTICA web. The Board expressed its gratitude to SAAC for their time and effort.

4.2 Administration of the EASTICA web is now the responsibility of the staff of NAK. Works on the revamping of the web has been completed and members are encouraged to visit the web and offer comments. Members are also welcome to contribute articles or news about their archival community to the web. All submissions are to be emailed to the Secretary General for release ( email address of SG :

5. Programs and Projects

5.1 Postgraduate Certificate in Archival Studies (PCAS)

5.1.1 SG reported that the 2015 PCAS program had been held from May 3 to 23 in Hong Kong. Academics and archival experts such as Trudy Peterson (US), Peter Horsman (Amsterdam University), LEE Sangmin (Korea), PITT Kuan Wah (Singapore), Simon CHU (Hong Kong) and Sarah CHOY (Hong Kong) were invited to give lectures and conduct seminars. There were 18 participants this year and they were either serving archivists or librarians from SAA China, Hong Kong, Macao and Korea. Financial statement of the 2015 program was tabled for member’s information.

5.1.2This annual professional program first started in 2003 in Hong Kong. It is a self-financing program with its operating cost covered by portion of the tuition fees from participants. All instructors are helping this EASTICA’s cause on a pro bono basis. EASTICA are very thankful for their support.

5.2 As regards the 2016 seminar, it was agreed that it would be held in Seoul within the ICA Congress schedule.

6. Membership Development

6.1 Application for EASTICA membership from the Gakushuin School Corporation (Japan Category C), Heibei Provincial Archives (China Category C) , Guizhou Provincial Archives (China Category C), and John Swire & Sons (HK): Swire HK Archives Service (Hong Kong Category C) were considered and accepted.

7. Financial Report and Budget

7.1 Financial report for the year of 2015 was tabled for comment and endorsement by the Board. The report was endorsed and the Board thanked the Treasurer for his hard work.

8. A.O.B.

8.1 Executive Board membership 2015 – 2019: nominations of Mr. Takeo KATOH (Chair), Mr. LI Minghua (Vice-Chair), Dr. CHOI Jae Hee (Treasurer), Simon CHU (Secretary General), Ms LAU Fong (Member), Dr. SARUUL Ishjamts (Member), 2 representatives from Category B members were put forth, discussed and agreed upon. All candidates would stand for election and appointment by the 12th General Conference.

8.2 Dr. LEE Sangmin (the incumbent Treasurer) decided not to stand for re-eclection. Dr LEE has served EASTICA as its Treasurer since 1997, his devotion and loyalty to EASTICA were highly respected. He will definitely be missed.

8.3 SG Simon CHU also expressed his desire to serve for another two years (instead of a full 4-year term) should he be nominated and elected. EASTICA. Mr. CHU has also served EASTICA as its SG since 1997. CHU considered that it was time for EASTICA to have younger blood and fresher idea.

9. There being no other business, the meeting adjourned.
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