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The 28th Executive Board Meeting
The 28th Executive Board Meeting
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Host Korea Date 2016-09-05
28th Executive Board Meeting
5 September 2016
Venue: Coex - Room Number : E5
513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Members Present:

Mr. Takeo KATOH, Chairman (President, National Archives of Japan)
Mr. Minghua LI, Vice-Chair (Director General, State Archives Administration of China)
Mr. Simon CHU, Secretary General (Hong Kong)
Mr. Jaehee CHOI, Treasurer (Korea)

Board Members:
Mr. Sangjin LEE (National Archives of Korea, host of the Event)
Ms. Veronica CHEUNG Ka Yee (Macao Archives)
Dr. Sangmin LEE (Category B Representative, Korea)
Ms. Hongmin WANG and CHAI Pei (China);
Mr. Jungho SEO and Ms. Christine KIM (Korea);
Ms. Sarah CHOY (Trustee of FIDA, ICA);
Mr. Hitoshi FUKUI, Ms. Yumiko OHARA, Ms. Akiko MATSUDA, Ms. Takako NAKAYAMA, and Mr. Masanori MORISAKI (Japan).
  1. 1. Vote of Welcome and Assessment of Quorum
    1. 1.1 Welcome Speech by host of the Meeting
The host welcomed members to attend events in Korea and wished every success of EASTIICA programs.
    1. 1.2 Opening Remarks by Chairman of EASTICA
The Chair welcomed Executive Board members and observers to the meeting. and acknowledged the contributions and efforts made by the National Archives of Korea, ICA Congress host, in organizing the whole event. He then invited the Secretary-General (SG) to preside over the meeting on his behalf.
  1. 2. Adoption of Agenda
The meeting agenda was adopted as presented, and quorum met.
  1. 3. Confirmation of the Minutes of Meeting of the 27th Executive Board Meeting held in Fukuoka Japan.
SG informed members that the minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated for comments through e-mail weeks before the Congress and no amendment had been proposed. The minutes were therefore adopted with no amendment.
  1. 4. Publicity Activities
    1. 4.1 East Asian Archives No. 22 (NAJ reported)
Member of the National Archives of Japan informed that the latest volume of the East Asian Archives had been published and copies were being distributed. They were supposed to be distributed for promotion purposes during the Congress. Korean colleagues requested a PDF version.
    1. 4.2 EASTICA web (NA Korea reported)
Members were asked to visit the new EASTICA website. The SG requested that key legal documents, i.e. the EASTICA Constitution and the Rules of Procedure of the EB, be posted in order to show members the way EASTICA was operated. It was reminded that all questions concerning website administration should be addressed to the National Archives of Korea.
  1. 5. Programs and Projects
    1. 5.1 Postgraduate Certificate Program in Hong Kong (SG reported)
5.1.1     SG gave a verbal update on the program. It was scheduled from November 14 through December 3, and 12 applications had been received to date. Of the 12 applications, 1 was from Korea, 2 from Macao and none from China and Japan. He stressed that 2 more applications were necessary to make the course financially feasible this year.
 5.1.2      The Chair promised that he would make best efforts to send his staff members to the program. He also asked if all of the 12 applicants were attending full time for the course, to which the SG’s answer was affirmative. SG also reminded that a minimum attendance rate of 85% of the classes was required to obtain the certificate. The PCAS Administration, however, would be open to consider possible adjustments for prospective applicants who faced difficulties in attendance requirements.
5.1.3        Sarah Choy, a long-time supporter of the program since its inception in 2003, noted that the PCAS had earned its status and enjoyed good reputation in the international archival community.
5.1.4        SG added that the University of Hong Kong was considering having the PCAS upgraded to a diploma program. If this happened, certificated students could have an option to top up their prior qualification to become a professionally recognized one by obtaining further credits from the Diploma program. He asked the EB members again to give positive consideration to joining the program this coming fall.
    1. 5.2 General Conference 2017
5.2.1      Mr. LI, DG of SAAC, accepted the Chair’s request to host the 13th General Conference and Seminar in China. The Board thanked Mr. LI for his constant and generous support for EASTICA activities.
  1. 6. Membership Development
    1. 6.1 The following applications for Membership were discussed and approved:
  1. RONG Zi-Qing (Category D)
  2. Guangxi Autonorious Regional Archives (Category C)
  3. Hunan Provincial Archives (Category C)
  4. Korea Association of Archives Management (Category B)
6.2         Dr. Sangmin LEE noted that EASTICA must have more Category B representatives on the EB in order to better reflect the voice of local archival communities. He also explained that Korea Association of Archives Management was a national-level organization specializing in preservation.
  1. 7. Financial Report and Budget (Treasurer Reported)
    1. 7.1 The Treasurer, making a few general observations based on the distributed balance sheet, reported that for the year to date, EASTICA income exceeded expenses by $18,487.58.
    2. 7.2 Dr. Sangmin LEE, former Treasurer, attributed the current handsome financial situation of EASTICA to the generous contribution of the National Archives of Japan during the previous EASTICA meeting in Fukuoka. National Archives of Japan covered keynote speakers’ travel expenses and the cost of the EASTICA dinner. The Board was grateful for Japan’s support.
    3. 7.3 The Report was subsequently approved by the Board.
  1. 8. A.O.B.
    1. 8.1 The Chair thanked SG for his contributions and efficiency in conducting the meeting.
    2. 8.2 The Vice-Chair asked EB members to offer suggestions for the theme of the forthcoming conference in China. One possible seminar theme could be archival preservation. Venue of the meeting had yet to be decided.

The meeting adjourned at 3:20 pm
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