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The 29th Executive Board Meeting
The 29th Executive Board Meeting
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Host China Date 2017-11-06
29th Executive Board Meeting
6 November 2017 (15:00 17:00) Guiyang CHINA
Date: 6 November 2017
Venue: Guiyang, China
Takeo KATO (Chairman)
LI, Minghua (Vice-Chairman)
CHU, Simon F.K. (Secretary-General)
CHOI, Jaehee (Treasurer)
Board Members:
LEE, Sang Jin (Korea)
LEE, Sangmin (Korea, Category B Representative)
Veronica CHEUNG (on behalf of LAU Fong, Macao)
In Attendance:
WANG, Hongmin (SAAC)
LI, Wendong (SAAC)
KIM, Jaison (NAK)
Kim, Kyuyoung(NAK)

1. Vote of Welcome and Assessment of Quorum
1.1 Welcome Speech by host of the Meeting
Mr LI Minghua, SAAC Director General and host of the Conference expressed his gratitude to all participants for attending the Guiyang Conference. He noted that he was very much impressed by the excellent and meticulous organization of both the ICA Seoul Congress and the MOWCAP Bureau Meeting by staff of NAK and UNESCO National Commission of Japan respectively. He further remarked that the theme of the Conference was important and timely and was confident that the Conference would be successful as there were quite a few experts in the relevant field were invited to share their knowledge and experience here in Guiyang.

1.2 Opening Remarks by Chairman of EASTICA
Mr KATO first apologized for his late arrival because of his flight connection problem in Beijing. He also joined Mr Li in congratulating on the success of the Seoul ICA Congress which demonstrated convincingly the capability of an Asian country in organizing a congress of such magnitude. Mr KATO the expressed his gratitude to SAAC for hosting the Conference. He further remarked that China and Korea were the two leading countries in area of digital archiving and hoped that Japan could learn from the professional sessions in the Conference. He lastly expressed his sadness for the passing away of Mr KIKUCHI, EASTICA former Chairman, and passed on the family’s appreciation of EASTICA’s offer of condolences.
2. Adoption of Agenda
The agenda was approved with minor amendments (See Attached)
At this juncture, Mr CHU suggested a moment of silence be observed in memory of the late Mr KIKUCHI.
3. Confirmation of the Minutes of Meeting of the 28th Executive Board Meeting held in Seoul, Korea.
The Minutes had been sent out to all Board members for comments before coming to this Board Meeting and the Minutes was confirmed with minor amendments suggested by Dr CHOI, the Treasurer.

4. Publicity Activities
4.1 EASTICA web (NA Korea reports )
NAK reported some minor technical problems with the web, however they were being dealt with and hopefully they would be solved. NAK further suggested that members should be more proactive in sharing their news as regards archival business in their regions and countries on the web. 

5. Programs and Projects
5.1 Postgraduate Certificate Program in Hong Kong (SG reports)
5.1.1    Mr. CHU, SG, made a brief report on the 2016 PCAS program. He started by mentioning that the program made its debut in 2003 and had earned itself recognition from archival communities both locally and internationally. 17 participants from countries like Japan, Korea, Macao and Hong Kong took part in this 3-week intensive educational program in November 2016. Lecturers invited included Dr Trudy PETERSON (USA), Dr LEE Sangmin (Korea), Mr PITT Kuan Wah (Singapore), Professor Peter HORSMAN (Netherlands), and Ms Sarah CHOY and Mr Simon CHU (Hong Kong).   
5.1.2    Mr Kato commended on the success of the program and was especially satisfied with the healthy financial situation of the program
5.1.3    Since Mr CHU, the program’s manager, would be resigning from the position of Secretary General after the General Conference, the Board decided that PCAS should continue and invited Mr CHU to continue managing the program for EASTICA in Hong Kong. It was suggested and decided that a Professional Education Committee be set up with Mr CHU be its first chair. 
    (Post-meeting Notes: Mr CHU discussed this further with Dr LEE Sangmin and suggested that instead of creating a rather formal “committee”, two positions of Special Advisor were to be created with the Board with special focus on professional development matters. Mr CHU further suggested that he himself and Ms Sarah CHOY be appointed as the first two Special Advisors to EASTICA).

5.2 Annual Meeting 2018
No decision had been made. It was suggested that, however, either Hong Kong or Macao should host the 2018 meeting.
(Post-Meeting Notes : SG was given to understand that neither Hong Kong nor Macao wished to host the meeting)

6. Membership Development
6.1 Application for Membership from : 
(i) West Kowloon Cultural District Authority Archives, 
Hong Kong SAR Government (Category C)
ii)  Heilongjiang Provincial Archives, China (Category C)
iii) Chengdu City Archives, China  (Category C) 
6.2  All applications were approved by the Board.

7. Financial Report and Budget (Treasurer Reports)
7.1 The Financial Report was presented and tabled by Dr CHOI. The Board endorsed the Report and thanked Dr CHOI for his hard work.
7.2 Mr CHU reckoned that it was very important to keep comprehensive records of all categories of members. He suggested that in order to facilitate Dr CHOI’s duties, Category A members should assist in compiling a comprehensive list of memberships of all categories in their own regions or jurisdictions. The Board agreed.

8. A.O.B.
8.1 As regards Mr CHU’s successor as SG, the Board unanimously supported Dr LEE Sangmin to be the next SG. 
8.2 Mr LEE Sanggin, President of NAK, expressed gratitude to CHU’s works and took the opportunity to thank EASTICA for its support during the Seoul ICA Congress. He further wished that both the incoming and outgoing SG could work together in the future for the welfare of EASTICA. He also informed the Board that a new Documentary Heritage Center had been set up in Korea and wished that MOWCAP (of which Mr LI Minghua happened to be the Chair) could continue to cooperate closely with Korea. He lastly remarked that NAK and Korea would continue to support EASTICA and all its archival programs and activities. The Board thanks Mr LEE.
8.1Logistical arrangements of the seminar and conference.

There being no more business, the Meeting adjourned. 
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