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The 30th Executive Board Meeting
The 30th Executive Board Meeting
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Host China Date 2018-11-05
MINUTES of Meeting
30th Executive Board Meeting
5 November 2018 (14:00 – 17:00) Fuzhou, CHINA 

Date:               5 November 2018
Venue:             Fuzhou, China

Takeo KATO (Chairman)
LI, Minghua (Vice-Chairman)
Sangmin LEE (Secretary-General)
Jaehee CHOI (Treasurer)

Board Members:
Soyon LEE (NAK)
LAU, Fong (AM)
CHU, Simon F.K. (Special Advisor)
CHOY, Sarah (Special Advisor)

In Attendance:
WANG, Hongmin (NAAC)
LI, Wendong (NAAC)
Hyewon LEE (NAK)
Galbadrakh Otgonbaatar (Tenger University)
LAU, Jessica S.K. (PRO)

  1. 1. Vote of Welcome and Assessment of Quorum
    1. 1.1Welcome Speech by the host of the Meeting
Mr. LI Minghua, NAAC Director General and host of the Conference expressed his gratitude to all participants for attending the Fuzhou Conference. He expressed his honor to host the EASTICA conference in China consecutively. He also wanted to share the news of opening the Fuzhou MOW Knowledge Center and the change of the name of the State Archives Administration of China to the National Archives Administration of China(NAAC).

Opening Remarks by Chairman of EASTICA
Mr. KATO appreciated to NAAC hosting the EASTICA conference. He welcomed the new president of the National Archives of Korea, Ms. Soyon Lee. He noted that the cooperation of all the EASTICA members contributed to the development of EASTICA for last 25 years since it was s established in 1993. Ms. Soyon LEE, the president of NAK, gave her thanks to his welcome and she pledged her cooperation with the EASTICA activities in the future.
  1. 2. Adoption of Agenda
The agenda was approved with minor amendments (See Attached)
  1. 3. Confirmation of the Minutes of Meeting of the 29th Executive Board Meeting held in Guiyang, China.
The Minutes had been sent out to all Board members for comments before coming to this Board Meeting and the Minutes was confirmed.
  1. 4. Publicity Activities
    1. 4.1 Distribution of the East Asian Archives (NAAC reports and discussion))
Ms. LI of NAAC reported that NAAC will print the paper copies of the East Asian Archives No.23 and will be available to the members during the meeting in Japan. Members discussed the issue of continuing printing the East Asian Archives, proceedings of the conference or seminar held in the former year. Some members preferred to electronic publication of the East Asian Archives in the future. After prolonged discussion, members agreed to continue to print the East Asian Archives in paper form in the future.      
    1. 4.2 EASTICA web (NAK reports )
NAK emphasized the active postings and activities in EASTICA website. NAK pointed out the need to update the EASTICA website. As a technical supporter of the website, NAK noted that it considered posting photo galleries and the proceedings of EASTICA conferences and seminars. NAK also suggested the Secretariat shall manage or update the website in the future.
  1. 5. Programs and Projects
    1. 5.1 Postgraduate Certificate Program in Hong Kong (Special Advisor reports)
5.1.1       Mr. CHU, Special Advisor, reported on the 2018 PCAS program. He appreciated NAAC cooperation with the PCAS program by sending a number of Chinese archivists to the program. Lecturers invited included Dr Trudy PETERSON (USA), Dr LEE Sangmin (Korea), Mr PITT Kuan Wah (Singapore), Professor Peter HORSMAN (Netherlands), and Ms Sarah CHOY and Mr Simon CHU (Hong Kong).   
5.1.2   Mr. CHU suggested to establish a scholarship for the program to support some members who may not be able to afford the expenses of attending the program. He noted that the scholarship will be possible only when the financial status of the program is sound. Members agreed to consider the scholarship when it became  the issue on the board meeting.
5.1.3   Mr. CHU reported the possibility of establishing an advanced training program extending present PCAS to a diploma program, called Post-graduate Degree in Archival Studies(PDAS) with the cooperation of Hong Kong University. He noted that he was discussing the conditions and qualifications of the program with Hong Kong University.       
5.1.4   Mr. KATO and the members commended on the success of the program.
    1. 5.2 General Conference 2019 and Annual Meeting in 2020
Mr. KATO announced his wish of NAJ to host the EASTICA General Conference in Tokyo. His offer was very welcomed by the members. He noted that the Tokyo General Conference will be held in the third or fourth week of November, 2019.
Ms. Lee of NAK noted that NAK will host the annual meeting of 2020 in Korea.
  1. 6. Membership Development
    1. 6.1 Application for Membership from :
  1. Tenger University, Mongolia (Category C)
  2. The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library (Category C)
    1. 6.2 All applications were approved by the Board.
  1. 7. Financial Report and Budget (Treasurer Reports)
    1. 7.1 The Financial Report was presented and tabled by Dr CHOI. The Board endorsed the Report and thanked Dr CHOI for his hard work.
    2. 7.2 Mr .CHOI noted that some members have had difficulty in wiring the membership dues to the foreign account held by a private person. He suggested a solution that EASTICA will establish a bank account under corporate name in Korea.
    3. 7.3 NAK agreed to raise its membership dues from US$800 to US$1,000, the same amount of the membership dues of NAAC and NAJ.
  1. 8. A.O.B.
    1. 8.1 Ms. Jessica Lau of PRO, Hong Kong announced their intention to joining the executive board of EASTICA as a Category A member. The board members agreed to examine the application at the Tokyo executive board meeting and put the agenda to the General Conference.     

There being no more business, the Meeting adjourned.
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