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The 18th Executive Board Meeting
The 18th Executive Board Meeting
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Host Korea Date 2008-04-22
18th Executive Board Meeting

Date: 22 April 2008 (Tuesday)
Time: 3 pm – 5:30 pm
Venue: Ibis Seoul Hotel, Seoul , Korea .

Mr Mitsuoki KIKUCHI (National Archives of Japan ), Chairman
Mr YANG Dongquan (State Archives Administration of China ),Vice Chairman
Mr Simon FK CHU ( Chinese University of Hong Kong ), Secretary-General
Dr LEE Sangmin (FAWOO Technology), Treasurer
Dr Jin-chul JUNG (National Archives of Korea, Republic of Korea ),
Dr Ulziibaatar DEMBEREL (National Archives of Mongolia ), Member
Ms Marie Imelda MACLEOD ( Macao Historical Archives), Member

Ms LEE Joo-hyun (National Archives of Korea)
Ms BUYANKHISHIG . G (National Archives of Mongolia )
Ms LI Wen-dong (State Archives Administration of China)

Minutes of Meeting

Vote of Welcome and Assessment of Quorum

Mr. Kikuchi, Chairman of EASTICA welcomed the members and thanked them for attending the 18th Executive Board Meeting. Quorum was then assessed and confirmed.

Welcome Speech by host of the Meeting

2 Dr JUNG welcomed members to Seoul and wished everyone had a very enjoyable stay in the country. Dr JUNG also thanked members for their participation in this unique ceremony celebrating the opening of the new repository in NARA . The new archival building marked the Korean people’s respect and honor for their national heritage.

Opening Remarks by Chairman of EASTICA

3. Mr KIKUCHI, Chairman of EASTICA also expressed warm welcome to members and thanked the host for organizing the event. Being his first time to chair EASTICA meeting, Mr KIKUCHI gave his best wishes to EASTICA which, he noted, was highly regarded among ICA members as the most active regional branch. He was proud to be its Chair. Mr. KIKUCHI also took the opportunity to congratulate Dr. LI Sang-min on his recent appointment as the Representative of Asia/Pacific Region in the CITRA Bureau.

4. At this point, the Chair asked Mr Simon CHU, Secretary General, to preside over the meeting on his behalf.

Adoption of Agenda

5. The agenda was adopted without minor changes in the order of the business to be discussed (see Appendix A)

Confirmation of the Minutes of Last Meeting

6. Mr CHU reported that draft minutes of the 17h Executive Board Meeting held in Tokyo in October had been distributed to Members through e-mail before the Meeting and it was confirmed with some amendment.

Publicity Activities

East Asian Archives No. 14

7. National Archives of Japan reported that East Asian Archives No. 14 was ready to be issued and copies would be distributed to Members during the Conference. The Board thanked colleagues in the National Archives of Japan for their time and effort in publishing this issue of EASTICA’s official journal.


8. The web-pages of EASTICA’s website were shown on-line to Members. Comments for further improvement or enhancement were invited. It was suggested and supported by members that the following new sections be added to the web:
  1. membership details
  2. members’ activities
  3. best practices in the profession, and
  4. archives legislation of individual nations/territories

9. SG will follow up.

Programs and Projects

Postgraduate Certificate in Archival Studies

10. The 2008 Program of Studies to be jointly organized with Hong Kong University would commence in Hong Kong in May. The following lecturers/resource persons would be invited to give lectures:
  1. a. Dr Trudy PETERSON ( USA );
  2. b. Ms Marian Hoyle (Australian National Archives);
  3. c. Mr Steve STUCKEY (Australian National Archives -Retired);
  4. d. Dr Anne Gilliland (UCLA);
  5. e. Mr Don BRECH ( Hong Kong );

11. SG reported that enrolment to the program this year was not very promising and asked members to give more support. Discussion followed on whether it was feasible to continue organizing such a program of studies. It was agreed that members would meet and deliberate again in July in Kuala Lumpur .

2008 ICA Congress in Kulua Lumpur

12. It was proposed and accepted by ICA that EASTICA and its members were going to present in a few sessions during the Kuala Lumpur Congress. Topics included “Development of e-Government and Digital Records Management” (updated and expanded version of the discussion in the 2007 Tokyo Conference); skill training for archivists in China; and the professional development program in Hong Kong. Members were asked to give support.

Financial Report

13. The financial report was tabled by Dr. LEE for Members’ information and endorsement. The Report was subsequently endorsed (see Appendix B)

Membership Dues Revision

14. Change in membership dues was proposed and endorsed by the Board. The proposed changes are detailed as follows:

a) Category A Members:
  1. Japan National Archives and State Archives Administration of China ; from US$ 825 to US$ 1000
  2. National Archives of Korea and Government Records Services of Hong Kong ; from US$ 500 to US$ 800
  3. Macao Historical Archives; from US$ 300 to US$ 500, and
  4. National Archives of Mongolia and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea , from US$ 250 to US$ 450
  1. Category B Members, changed from US$ 150 to US$ 200
  1. Category C Members, changed from US$ 80 to US$ 100
  1. Category D Members, proposed no change.

15. The proposal will be presented in the forthcoming General Conference in Qingdao , China for approval.

Category “B” Membership Qualification

16. As a result of the Constitutional amendment of the ICA Constitution as regards the qualification of Category B membership in regional branches, it was suggested that clarification needed to be sought from ICA .


17. Dr LI Sang-min proposed the setting up of a booth for EASTICA at the cost of US$ 100 in the KL Congress and members were welcome to make use of it for publicity activities. The proposal was supported by the Board.

18. Mr. KIKUCHI briefed members on the recent change of personnel in ICA . There would be leadership change in 2008 July.

19. A plaque was proposed to be presented to Mr. MAO Fu-min (former EASTICA Chair) in appreciation of his contribution to EASTICA. The proposal was supported by the Board. The plaque would be presented to Mr. YANG Dong-quan who would receive the plaque on behalf of Mr. MAO.

20. There being no other business, the Meeting was adjourned at 5:30 pm.
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