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Institution (48)

: Institutions concerned with the administration or preservation of records and archives, or with the professional training of archivists

Membership Categories(C Category : Institution)
No Member List
1 Utah Genealogical Society, Asia Office
2 HSBC Hong Kong Branch Archives
3 Hong Kong Heritage Project
4 Swire HK Archives Service
5 West Kowloon Cultural District Authority Archives
6 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library
7 Korea Democracy Foundation Archives
8 Korea National Assembly Library Archives
9 Records Center of Ministry of Unification
10 Hanshin University Archives
11 DiMS Co. Ltd.
12 Family Search(Utah Genealogical Society), Tokyo
13 Gakushuin School Corporation
14 Erdenet Mining Corp. Archives
15 General Authority for State Registration
16 Uvs Provincial Archives
17 Orkhon Provincial Archives
18 Ulaanbaatar Municipal Archives
19 Central Archives for Civil Documentation
20 State Archives Agency of Darkhan-Uul
21 Mongolia Central Archives for Defence
22 State Archive of Selenge Province
23 Tenger Institute
24 Beijing Municipal Archives
25 Chengdu City Archives
26 Guangdong Provincial Archives
27 Guangxi Autonomous Regional Archives
28 Guangzhou City Archives
29 Guizhou Provincial Archives
30 Heibei Provincial Archives
31 Heilongjiang Provincial Archives
32 Hunan Provincial Archives
33 Jiangsu Provincial Archives
34 Jiangxi Provincial Archives
35 Nanjing Municipal Archives
36 Qingdao Municipal Archives
37 Shandong Provincial Archives
38 Shanghai Municipal Archives
39 Shenzhen Municipal Archives
40 Sichuan Provincial Archives
41 Suzhou Municipal Archives
42 Tianjin Municipal Archives
43 Archives of Tibet Autonomous Region
44 Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Archives
45 Yangtze Petro-Chemical Co. Archives
46 Yangzhou Municipal Archives
47 Yunnan Provincial Archives
48 Zhejiang Provincial Archives